Hẻm Radio – Privacy Policy

This privacy policy provides important information about the use, collection or disclosure of information by users of the Hẻm Radio application. This policy applies to all information that you and your account provide when using the Hẻm Radio application. Therefore, we provide this privacy policy to you so that you have the choice to continue or stop using our services.

  1. User information:
  • When you register and use Hẻm Radio you agree to allow us to collect information relating to you including: phone number, Hẻm Radio account password, name, address, email, facebook account, avatar.
  • The information on the device such as device ID, model, imei, status of the device … and allows us to access the list of phone contacts, location on the device.
  1. Managing user information:
  • We may provide user information for our legitimate business activities. We do not sell any information to third parties for use in commerce or marketing without the consent of the user.
  • We may disclose your information in the event required by law enforcement from the court or public security organs.
  • Any user receiving personal information on the system is not allowed to disclose and use outside the legitimate purpose of the Hẻm Radio system. Hẻm Radio is not responsible for any use or disclosure of personal information by another user with any content.
  1. Change privacy policy:
  • This Privacy Policy may be modified, updated and notified on the Hẻm Radio application.
  • We recommend that users regularly update and check the privacy policy to make timely changes, to decide whether to continue or stop using the Hẻm Radio service.
  • Continuing to use the service means consenting to and accepting the terms set out in this Privacy Policy (this Privacy Policy is updated from time to time).
  • If you have any questions about privacy terms, please contact us at hemradio360@gmail.com

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